I am a fashion stylist.
I specialize in creating unique wardrobe collections for editorial and commercial features, personal styling, closet assessments and personal shopping.
I simply adore fashion.
I believe in fun. 
I believe that fashion IS fun. 
I am inspired by bold innovative ideas.
I am in love with the creative process. 
I believe in the profound impact of personal style.
I believe in marching to the beat of your own drum. 
I celebrate and encourage authenticity.  
I believe in self worth, self love and self expression.
I strive for excellence. 
Proud consumer of all things glitter, fringe, black and bold.
Lover of art, the sun, peonies, Paris and kimonos. 
Owner of one sweet and slobbery bulldog and one sassy sassafras lady killer cat.
Current obsession: Glitter shoes, glitter shades, glitter everything. 
I am Style Riot. 

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