"Working with Laura is a dream. She is a vibrant soul who exudes passion, excitement and uniqueness in everything she does, making her clients look and feel beautiful inside and out. It’s so much fun and I can’t wait to work with her again!" Jenny Siminski

"I worked with Laura because I wanted to reassess my wardrobe and style after having had three children. Laura helped me with a closet revamp and some personal shopping. She's inspiring, encouraging, and knowledgeable about elements like proportion, texture, and layering. She was quickly able to hone in on my style and has helped me see it so clearly that shopping has now become much easier and much more fun! I recommend her services to anyone!"
Helen Huber

"When I was on the edge of letting age and motherhood defeated my love of fashion, I called Laura (Style Riot). She helped me see that style existed in my closet, I simply couldn’t see it. She asked questions that helped uncover my style perspective and I’m re-inspired. Practically, she assembled eight looks before I spent one dollar. It’s a fact that clothes can elevate my mood, strengthen my confidence, and brighten my day. Thank you, Laura, for helping me rediscover joy in my closet."
Jenny Banner

"Laura was such a big help with our engagement photos! She really understood how to create outfits that complimented each other and made our vision become a reality. Her spunk & fun personality made us so comfortable and willing to get out of our comfort zone!" Dina

"Laura totally reshaped my ENTIRE wardrobe in two hours and helped me put together incredible outfits from clothes I already had that I had no idea would look so good!  She made a list of some items to add to my wardrobe, we then went shopping together at places I had never been and we found everything I needed at very reasonable prices.  She will forever be my personal fashionista on speed dial!" Carolynn Brescka

"Getting dressed was starting to become a chore. My clothes no longer felt like an expression of myself and I was having trouble finding ways to wear some of my favorite bold pieces without being overcome by self doubt. Laura came into my home and literally changed my life. She put together outfits that I never would have seen on my own, but still felt 100% like me. Before the closet revamp, Laura really takes the time to get to know you and understand how she can help elevate your style in a way that works for YOU. Not to mention, her kind, compassionate, enthusiastic, and accepting personality will put you immediately at ease. As a writer, I want my clothing choices and personal style to convey my spirit, attitude, and creativity to the world. Laura helped me get there and for that I'm so, so grateful." Ally Denton